Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I have my own version of Fantasy Island.

I am on a gorgeous tropical island. There is no Tatoo, just me screaming to the heavens, 'Da pain, Da pain!'

With that, a shirtless Wolverine (Hugh Jackman, for the uninitiated in comic based movies) arrives at my side, waves his beefcake arms and...


The pain disappears, I return to my pre-diseases self (lose near about 80 lbs and some wrinkles), turn to my Hubby and kids laughing, and we head to the beach to the live happily ever after.


So, instead, I realize today that yes, after suffering with this nightmare flare for the last week and a half (although it has been building longer) I will give in and go for the prednisone taper.

I hate taking the vicodin but I have been and you know its bad when doubling up ain't cutting it. That was always the benchmark that my original rheumy recommended.

For those who don't like TMI, avert your eyes now, for the brave, stay for a glimpse more.

It has been so bad that I have been avoiding washing my hair. Today, I suffered thru it the first time since Sunday. It was awful. Elbows screaming while shampooing and rinsing and conditioning. Feet hurting from the tension of clinging to my balance.

Thank heavens I am blond and sparse in the hair department. No leg shaving happening this week either. I could go for about 3 weeks before anyone would ever notice. BUT, I know.

Usually nothing stops me from shaving the 15 stubbly hairs under my arm, because Hubby HATES hair. It's a thing with him. Actually gags when they show the girls on Survivor with underarm hair. I laugh at him. Anyhow, I always, always, always do that shave - unless it is in the midst of the flare from hell.

Yep. No shaving the pits today. Bending the elbows more than I had to do for the hair? No way. Holding that small handle in my sore hands? Nah uh. Not gonna happen.
Yep. Time to surrender.

Thankfully, I have the prednisone in the house. Will probably do 60-40-30-20-10 -5mgs. I won't sleep the first night because of the jitters. Second night, I may get some winks of sleep but it will be fitful and full of nightmares. By 24 hours in I will become voraciously hungry. And, thirsty which means lots of potty trips. Ugh.

BUT, but about day 3 I will start to realize... wow, my joints are not as sore and I am able to move better and with less pain.


New rheumy thinks this is more Lupus and Fibro than RA. Old rheumy thought more RA, maybe lupus, probably Fibro too.

I think it all SUCKS.

Thank heavens for the COFFEE.

be well...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thankful Thursday... yeah yeah yeah, it's Friday again...


I have round 3 of the 'Head Cold of Doom'. That was for you, Hammer. LOL

Apparently, the germs morphed when Hammer got it and he was able pass it back to me so by Tuesday I was a blubbering, nose blowing, sneezing coughing mess. Still same today...

I am hopeful that tomorrow will be better. Please. Really. Let it be better. I try to be good. Really really good.

1. Coffee. 'Nuff said.

2. Puffs. Yeah. My nose is that red.

4. Vaseline. It soothes the above nose.

5. Chapstick. Lips chapped too.

6. My new pj's from Land's End. Best Christmas present ever when you are repeatedly sick and wearing them nonstop. All day. And, night. Yeah, it's been like that.

7. My dad. He bought me my favorite donut yesterday from Dunkin' Donuts. He is the best. Truly. :-)

8. My dad again. On another errand after dinner he bought me my favorite potato chips. He rocks. And, he obviously feels sorry about the pathetic sneezing, nose blowing, hacking mess of a human I have been stuck as for the last 7 weeks on and off. Thanks, Daddy.

9. Books and computer. You have kept me sane.

10. Nyquil. Cherry. You give me 'sound' sleep for about 4 hours... ahhhh

Okay... so that is the 'sick' themed thankfuls for this week!

I said this on Facebook... whatever I did in my last life must have been awful because I am paying for it now! :-/

I have one serious thankful...

11. Fuzzy's ultrasound was negative for appendicitis and gall stones and all we seem to be dealing with is a little nervous stomach. Which sucks, but it is better than anything requiring surgery.

be well...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Thankful Thursday (yes, I know it is Friday... LOL)

So,I was all excited that we were going to get snow today... but we didn't. Just an inch of nuisance. Feh. Gimme a real snow storm please!

I am late, but better late than never, and I am always ready to count my blessings!

1. Coffee. Yep. After fighting bronchitis twice this holiday season and having this congestion linger on much too long, coffee is the only way my brain and body seem to be waking up. And, we had that uber cold spell in the 20's and my steaming cup of coffee kept the chill away! :-)

2. Family. I was able to see most of my family and friends over the holidays and I really enjoyed seeing everyone.

3. My parents. My Mom and Dad who spoiled us all at the holidays!

4. Fuzzy's new bowling ball! His first two practice games were a 224, a new high for him, and a 168! Very nice!

5. Farmville! Great for hours of enjoyment while hacking up a lung and wishing you could sleep.

6. Facebook! Recently, I it has been a blast! One evening this week about 6 of my friends from high school and I had a really giggly silly girl conversation and it was so much fun!

7. Books. I highly recommend the new Steve Berry 'The Paris Vendetta'. Awesome! Also the new Jeff Shaara 'No Less Than Victory' his final in the WWII trilogy. Fabulous. On a lighter note also good reads Wendy Roberts 'Dead and Kicking' and Charlaine Harris 'Grave Secret'.

8. Kindle. I love my Kindle. My daddy bought it for me last year and even though there are certain authors I still want in a hardcover book, there are plenty I don't and read on my Kindle which is such a delight for my hands!!! :-)

9. Uncle K. Things are still not completely settled for him, but they are moving forward. Should be all done soon. I am thankful for the time he spends with my kids and being a friend to Hubby and myself.

10. Libby, Susie, Tina and Pumpkin. My dog and 3 cats. They always provide me with comfort, but this holiday season, lots of laughs too. Lots of cat fights over the tree skirts etc... very amusing!

Well, signing off now!

be well...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Cold as Ice

Damn! Hate to start off 2010 with a swear, but it is COLD outside!

Yep, a balmy 22 degrees here in NJ!

I plan on staying in the house with multiple cups of coffee to keep me warm!

Oh... wait before we go any further...

Happy New Year!

There. I feel much better.

Speaking of feeling better... I am, but let me explain. First, Fuzzy was really sick and that got the asthma all going. Of course, I got it and had bronchitis before the holidays and just started to be better at Christmas.

Christmas was great - family, friends, love, laughing, happy kids, food etc.

Then, we went shopping the day after Christmas and this little kid was hacking, coughing, and running her booger ridden hands all over everything. I purelled (I know it isn't a real verb; I don't care) myself and the family.

BUT, two days later, I started my relapse! Just in time for our trip to NYC! ACK! But, I put on my big girl panties and we had a wonderful day! Saw the Radio City Christmas Spectacular (thanks mom and dad), had a great lunch with Kathy, her Hubby, my nephew, J, my mom, dad, Hubby and the kids! We saw the tree at Rockefeller Center and went to St. Patrick's Cathedral. Saw the window decorations on 5th Avenue. A wonderful day.

Came home and allowed the bronchitis to beat me up. I am just turning the corner NOW, and starting to feel better! YAY!

Good thing, because we have a busy week! Fuzzy has 2 bowling matches! He is on the Junior Varsity team as a freshman for his high school!

ANYHOW, that is my quick update for all of you in the blogosphere!!!

I am back. Yes, I mean it. I will update at least once a week, I promise!!! Just so you know I mean it... I swear upon my COFFEE! LOL

be well...