Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blaze of Glory

Fuzzy finished his Eagle Scout project this weekend. Phew!
Stay tuned tomorrow for a Wordless Wednesday picture that will highlight his efforts!
Warning: Mommy braggin' below! LOL

Fuzzy collected items over a two week period at 3 locations Mon - Fri and 2 locations on Saturdays. (two schools, and police station)

In addition to 2 huge boxes of items, also collected was over $420.

Who is to receive this windfall?

American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Regardless of your personal feelings about the political reasons/situations that resulted in our deployment of these soldiers - they are there. At the whim of our government, putting themselves on the line every day. They deserve our support, and if we can give them a little comfort - that too.

The Letter from Home Program at lettersfromhome.org will be the liason between Fuzzy and the soldiers.

I am very proud of my boy.

This Thursday will be his board of review, and barring any unforseen difficulty, Fuzzy will become an Eagle Scout at that time, soon to join Hammer in the formal presentation at the Court of Honor in May. :-)

Fuzzy has had a very rough month too, after just getting over an ear infection in January and injuring his leg/knee with an almost break and tearing the ligments, last week he was sidelined by a bad cold that went straight to bad bronchitis and asthma flare up.

This week he is completing the final Eagle Scout Project details, making up school work, arranging to make up NJ State school testing, and serving our township in Youth Month! The students who volunteer are assigned two counterparts in the municipal government. One is a township employee, the other is a member of the Mayor and Council. Very cool opportunity. Fuzzy and Pumpkin are both participating this year!

Tonight is a meeting of the Planning Board and Fuzzy will be attending.

My youngest son and middle child is maturing into a fine young man.

I will tell myself that over and over as he gives me that teenaged rolled eyes face and says 'I knowwwww' everytime I try to remind him of something.


be well...


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Awesome, I am sure you are bursting with pride :o)

cmh said...

And he didn't let that stretch of bad weather defeat him, either. Great job.

Jeanie said...

My grandchildre aged 7/9 yrs just finished a sponsored walk for their Scout Cubs here in England. They both walked, respectively, according to their ages, two and a half miles and five miles along a woodland way.
It is so good to know that both our families are still being taught the values of life by giving of their time and effort for the sake of others.
Well done to your son and others like him. Well done to you for instilling their values too. Even if they sometimes appear not to be listening...lol
Jeanie xx

Traci said...

Sounds like he is really a wonderful young man! Brag away!

garnett109 said...

Thank you Fuzzy for supporting our soldiers!