Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

I have so much to be thankful for, so many blessings.

However, today, I am in pain, tired and weepy.

I hate that.

So, I got up, took my morning meds, got dressed, ate some food and took a vicodin (which I hate to do), drank 2 coffees, drank an orange juice, checked emails, and crackbook, er Facebook, I mean, and now, I am here.

Weepy because I am so blessed. Weepy because I really wish I could ENJOY my blessings more.

Today lupus/rheumatoid arthritis is kicking my ass.


1. Coffee. Thank you, Juan Valdez. Green Mountain. Keurig.

2. My kids. My life. My heart. My reason.

3. My parents. Dad's 70th Birthday was yesterday. We had a surprise dinner for him on Saturday night, just adults, with my cousin Karol and my sister/bff Kathy. He is their surrogate dad in many ways and they wouldn't miss it for the world. It was nice. Last night was dinner out with the kids and Uncle K, who couldn't make it on Saturday due to work. :-)

4. Reading. Oh how I love to read! AND, I am so blessed that my kids ALL have the reading bug too! YAY!

5. Tonight, Fuzzy will have his Eagle Scout Board of Review... and he should be elected as one with no problem! The big public ceremony will be in May and he and Hammer will have that together!!! I am so proud!

6. Libby. She is snuggled on the floor right next to me as I type. If I get up, she follows, and then reclines near me, wherever I may go. Nothing like a dog for loyalty!

7. The cats! Oh the fun they are having with mylar balloons from dad's birthday floating about! They are so funny!

8. American Idol. I enjoy watching it each season. By extension, I am grateful for music. It is just such a wonderful gift and part of life. It can help lift you up, pump you up, express love, hate, frustration or fun!

9. Piano. I love listening to Pumpkin play piano! She is so gifted... and doesn't get it! LOL

10. My friends. Thank you, your support means the world to me. Truly.

be well...


Coelha :B said...

:) May the bird of happiness fly by your window today! I know that sounds pretty corny, but what the hey... Have a great end of the week, and congratulations to your son! :) Julie

That corgi :) said...

awesome you are all readers in the family :)


"MaMa" said...

are you still reading the mitch rapp series? i just started the first chapter of the most recent one. whenever i see the name "vince flynn" i think of you! =)

feel better.

Jeanie said...

That's what I like to hear... Everyone being avid readers in your family. It's the same in mine and it's so goooood! Isn't it?
Children with their noses in a book instead of on-line games etc.Sorry you are hurting so much. My SIL has Fibromyalgia and she finds swimming helps a lot when it isn't too bad. I know you have so much going on though and hope you get some respite from it all soon.
Jeanie xx

ADB said...

Hope you get some relief from that pain soon, Dawn.

Jeannette said...

Sorry you are in so much pain and hope you have improved somewhat by now. It is always wonderful, not matter what we are going through, to remember our thankfuls.

Lori said...

I hate for you to have days like that. It is good for us to enumerate our blessings when we're feeling crappy, so I hope that helped.

Jimmy's Journal said...

It's good to think positive and be happy for the sunlight that reaches your heart. I'd love to see the cats playing with the baloons.


Lisa said...

I was thinking of you and decided I had better pop in to see how you are doing. You are amazing to me in the fact that even though you are feeling so crappy you still find (and appreciate) your thankfuls. I do hope you are feeling better.

AutumnRose said...

I'm sorry you are hurting so much. All these rain storms are doing a number on my daughter & I too. Your thankful thursdays put things in perspective! Karen