Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday

This is just such an adorable find... I couldn't resist.

Which leads me to Thankful things and the first one on my list this eveningtide.

1. My Hubby. Tonight Hubby took Fuzzy and Pumpkin Muffin to the bowling alley to have fittings done for their new balls. Nephew D went along and they all threw a quick game after they were done at the pro shop. Hubby knew I had a sore day and stopped at 7-11 to get my favorite potato chips, but they were out. So, he drove to the 7-11 not on the way home, the one past our house and out of the way, to get them for me. Very sweet. It's the 'little things' that mean a lot.

2. All of you. J-land Refugees. My Blogging Buddies. Thanks for welcoming me back with open arms! I know I would get back here eventually but wasn't sure anyone would care! I am so happy you still do!

3. Coffee. In the face of all this rain, medication issues etc, it has been my 'mommy's little helper'! LOL

4. My parents. Their patience and the safety net they provided in our moments of panic and need were well timed and freely offered as always. They are the rocks with which we build our family foundation on and they are so appreciated by both myself and my Hubby. Beyond words...

5. Lock n Roll. A mindless game I play on my iphone that helps me fall asleep at night!

6. Your kinds words, prayers and good thoughts for Uncle K. I am really hopeful that good things start to flow his way and soon.

7. My nephew D. He is such a goofball and a sweetie and I really have fun during the week he stays with us each summer. I hope he never grows 'too cool' to come hang at Aunt Dawn's.

8. My two K's, BFF Kathy and Cousin Karol. My gal pal support. Thank you both for always being there.

9. Illness. Yes, you rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and brain thingy. You are a pain, you bring pain, yet you bring clarity. You force me to see what is really important at a very basic level EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Not everyone has that. I am blessed.

Just a couple of quick notes and shout outs...

Joann and all, snag away, my pics are from

All the facebook peeps; I can't friend you, too much kid stuff on there. But I promise to be more 'here' again! At least once a week! If not more.

be well...

ps... About the Kindle. I still buy my fave authors books that I collect or books we all share, but there are a lot I would buy and then give away or pass on to others and this saves me some money. Plus it is soooooo easy on my hands and wrists and with the RA that is awesome!


Coelha :B said...

Aww..I missed your Thursday Thankfuls! :)

garnett109 said...

try tiger balm for your ra it works for my pains

LYN said...


Lisa said...

I am happy you are back and my arms are wide open!! I agree with you on FB. I was on for awhile but suspended my account. I just like this better.

Love the picture, it is adorable!!!!

Beth said...

Good point about the Kindle. I have a blogger friend who has dialysis a few times a week, and she recently got a Kindle because it allows her to read with one hand. Sounds like Kindle is helping people in ways it hadn't anticipated!

a corgi said...

always enjoyed your lists of thankfuls, Dawn! hubby was sweet to find the chips you like and to go out of his way to "bless" you in this way

I totally agree about Facebook; it is amazing how much people put out there as well as on their public blogs; I try to tell people to be careful as they have no idea who is viewing their blogs, etc. I'm extremely careful with what I put out on my public blog, don't even list names of family other than me and Koda, and I worry sometimes about us walking and someone saying "is that Koda?" thankfully he looks like every other red-head tri-colored corgi in the world, LOL. now on my private blog, that's a different story, but then one can monitor who gets to read it :)

enjoy the day


Missie said...

Boy did I miss your cheezeburger pics! LOL I could always count on those to make me smile!

I don't spend a lot of time with facebook either. You're right, I don't like all the kiddy games either.

Have a good night.

Marty said...

Hi Dawn,
Hooray ... Your Thankful Thursdays give us something to look forward to. I guess you could say I'm thankful for them!

Sugar said...

glad to see you back. :)
i agree on fb. seems like geared toward kids. i'm surprised at how many of our old jland friends are there.