Friday, July 24, 2009

Since You've (actually, I've) Been Gone

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaacccccckkkk!

Did you miss me? I did miss you all! And, I lurked here and there just to make sure all was well, but probably not as often as I should have done.

It was a combination of things that made me take a break from blogging and I have to say there was not one thing to blame more than another.

Mostly, I was in a rut. And, our computer situation had been very kooky.

I will be back now, but I don't think I will blog as much as before and definitely not now with the kids home for summer.

A quick update is in order for sure!

The kids are all good. Fuzzy graduated from 8th grade and will begin high school in September. He was on honor roll for all 4 marking periods this year! He didn't make it into the charter high school that he wanted to attend and was quite disappointed. But, as they say, it was a character building experience. He has one merit badge to complete before beginning to work on his Eagle Scout project.

Which brings us to Hammer, who HAS completed his last merit badge and will shortly begin research to start his Eagle Scout project proposal. Hammer will be 17 in a month, however he is not ready to learn to drive and we are just okie dokie fine with that. In fact, I am very proud of him that he realized that he is just not ready. Next month, my dad, Hammer and I will be taking a train trip to Chicago to visit the Field Museum. This is something Hammer has wanted to do since kindergarten and I am very happy to be finally getting this done! lol

Pumpkin completed 6th Grade with flying colors! She was on the Distinguished Honor Roll for all 4 marking periods which was her goal at the beginning of the year! All of her final grades were 96 and above and we couldn't be more proud! Unfortunately, she is on a break from piano, but I am very hopeful that she will return to it soon.

Hubby has finally left his awful company and hooked up with a wonderful new firm, just this June. I am very relieved and this promises to help alleviate some of our financial woes as time passes. All good things.

Now, for me. I am still very happy and counting my blessings daily! Health wise has been a bit of a struggle. I began to become sensitive to the Enbrel and began to have an allergic reaction which came to a head in April. I saw my rheumatologist in May and she wants me to start taking Humira instead. All at the same time as the insurance was trying to get approval, Hubby's old company changed insurance and then he left them, putting us on cobra, and starting September 1, we will have a new insurance.

Long story short no Humira until then which has resulted in a few flares for me. So far I have had to do 2 tapers of prednisone, which sucks, but it had to be done.

Oh, and the brain thingy is still there, but still not growing. So far. Yay.

So there you have it. Some good, some bad. And, it could ALWAYS be worse!

Right now the kids are home and we are enjoying summer!!! No schedule, later bedtime, lots of reading. It has been really nice. The kids had Scout Camp last week and had a blast. Pumpkin even went along (registered through Campfire Girls) and stayed with them. She had a tough time with the bugs and came home midweek with me on visitation day. I couldn't blame her. All the rain we had in NJ has created quite the bug fest. Eww.

So, that is that! Tomorrow, I hope to pop on and catch up with some of your blogs.

Oh and I still love my coffee as always!!!

And, I love facebook. I am sorry if I have not friended you but I have a lot of family and kid connections on there and I am trying to keep it more private than here, just something I feel I need to do!

be well,


Marty said...

Hi Dawn,
Welcome back ... so glad to hear things seem to be going pretty well in your neck of the woods!

LYN said...

wow!! is this for real??
good to hear from you hunny!!
most bloggers don't write much anymore...
I am on facebook too...
have a great weekend!!

Traci said...


I feared the worst and I'm so glad it wasn't true! Big HUG!

garnett109 said...

hello stranger, glad to have you back

garnett109 said...
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Missie said...

Yea!! You're back! I've missed you!

I'm so glad the kids are doing well.

I'm also glad you're not doing too bad right now yourself. I hope when you get to start the Humira, it works for you.

Don't be a stranger!!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Seems everyone has some good and some bad nowadays. Glad things are OK with you :o)

Joann said...

WOO HOO!!! You're BACK!!! Good to see you my long lost friend!! Glad to hear that you and the kids are doing well, and SO GLAD that hubby got that new job!!

Beth said...

Great to hear that you're hanging in there and doing pretty well!

Indigo said...

*Blink* Pokes the angry bear to see if she gets a reaction...Yeah, shocker like that. I had thought you stopped blogging altogether hon. Missed you. I've switched blogs. I'll make sure I leave the link here for you.

Great to have you back. You are back right? (Hugs)Indigo

ADB said...

Welcome back, Dawn, I was thinking of you the other day. Keep posting!

Coelha :B said...

Welcome back!! :) You know, my daughter didn't get her license until she was 19. What's the rush anyway?! I think it's smart to wait personally! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm brewing a GM k cup Caramel Vanilla Cream right now in honor of your return. So glad you are back and counting blessings.~Mary

Call me Paul said...

There's a Robert Plant song called, "Like I've Never Been Gone." Let's just go with that...

Dawn said...

I like that Paul!

be well..

Lisa said...

I am sooooo happy to see you are back...I DID miss you!!!!! It's great to hear things are going good overall, congrats to hubby on the new job. I hope you get your meds squared away.

a corgi said...

welcome back Dawn!! I can't believe your kids are that old already!! Wow!! time does fly, doesn't it! Congrats to all for their achievements. I'm glad to hear you are holding up as well as you can with your RA, etc. I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer wth your kids, especially the trip to Chicago!

(not sure what you meant about friending me; I'm not on Facebook and I took the follower thingy off my blog but I think you can still follow by subscribing to it or something)

I'll come by as I can; got a new job and some interesting things happening with us so sometimes my blog time gets reduced depending on schedules

good to see you back!


Anonymous said...

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