Monday, October 5, 2009

I'm Still Standing

Mondays. Never know what they will bring!

We got hit with the engine light on in the car. Ack.

Thankfully, our local 10 minute oil change place has a computer thingy and it said that it was the oil pressure sensor which may/or may not have been fixed by having an oil change. It worked. They changed the oil and the filters and the pressure came back up and the light went off.

YAY! We leave for our Boy Scout trip to Gettysburg on Friday and we do NOT need to be worrying about anything with the car when traveling about 5 hours from home!

In preparation for our trip I am rereading the book 'Killer Angels'. It is the book that the movie 'Gettysburg' was based upon, in case you are not familiar with it. I have read the book many times before, I am guessing this may be around the 12th time. Definitely more than ten.

I am going to do a presentation for the Scouts and parents about the Battle of Little Round Top and Pickett's Charge and the spot called the 'high water mark' of the Confederacy, by the 'copse of trees'. I am going to try to make it more real for the boys, have them stand in positions of both Blue and Grey soldiers and really get a feel for how it happened.

This is my third trip to Gettysburg personally, so being familiar with it already will help sharing this amazing place in our history with the boys.

It is a busy week around here! Hubby has his 'Man Scout' meeting of all the leaders tonight. Tomorrow night is the Senior Patrol Leader meeting, which Fuzzy runs as the 'head' scout, and all the patrol leaders, their assistants etc. It is basically a planning meeting. Then, Wednesday night is the regular scout meeting.

Thursday morning as a member of the Board of Health I will be working the free flu shot clinic at our Senior Center. Just regular shots, not H1N1. Then, Thursday night is Fuzzy's high school Back to School night. Friday morning is a meeting at the school with regard to his asthma and the special 504 set up we have to manage it.

Somewhere on Thursday and Friday we have to pack for the trip as we leave in the mid afternoon on Friday!

As I said, busy, busy, busy! Never a dull moment around here and no time for my rheumatoid arthritis to be acting up. Not sure how that is all going to play out, but I am doing better. The hip has settled down to a dull ache and I have no problems with putting weight on it! Yay! I may still look into taking a prednisone taper though... not sure.

Fuzzy and my dad are shooting in trap/skeet league together this fall. It is Fuzzy's second time around, my dad's first. Today, Fuzzy hit a new high with 17 of 25 in his trap rounds! He was thrilled.

I guess that about catches you up with us!

be well...


Beth said...

Whew, you're busier than a long-tailed cat in a room fulla rockin' chairs! Hope you can fit some rest in there somewhere!

I thought the field where Pickett's Charge took place was incredibly sad. Seeing that vast field, imagining soldiers walking across it, getting mown down left and right...insanity. Hugs, Beth

a corgi said...

so neat that you are volunteering at that free flu clinic Dawn; I'm sure the seniors will enjoy seeing your smiling face there :)

lots of fun but busy times ahead this week; enjoy them all :)


Traci said...

I tried to read Killer Angels for a book report in history but the teacher wouldn't let me since he wanted only non fiction. So I've had good intentions but have never read it. I can't wait to hear about the trip. I love history and can't wait til we get to visit Gettysburg.

Rebecca Anne said...

Ohh I've missed those kitty pictures! They always make me laugh~
You are a busy lady! Did anyone ever tell you that? Enjoy all those moments.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad the oil light is out. Our last trip with the truck resulted in a $4000 repair, ouch man.

Hope you have a great trip :o)

garnett109 said...

Did you ever try herbals for your arthritis?
just a thought.

Coelha :B said...

It's good to be busy, huh?! No time for RA! :) Everytime I hear Rob Thomas' new song, I think of you. :) Hugs - Julie

Missie said...

Would you believe I live here in PA and have never been to Gettysburg? Have a good trip!

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

Have fun in Gettysburg:) I was a nanny there for about a month back in 1992. Lovely town.

Cindi said...

come on over to my blog...I have an award for you!