Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am sure you are all familiar with this phrase!

RA SUCKS. Ok... enough whining, I was having a good week and in spite of my latest flare issue resulting in trochanter bursitis or hip impingement or just plain old BUM RA HIP ISSUES, I am going to CONTINUE having a good week.


1. Hubby. I asked Hubby to stay home so I could load up on the vicodin and get some 'better/more' sleep. And, Hubby stayed here, working from the house. Thank heavens for technology that makes this possible! Internet, Blackberry, fax machines...etc.

2. Kids. All three have gone above and beyond in supplying help to Mommy during the latest flaring and this hip issue.

3. Boy Scouts. It provides great leadership skills and experiences. For the family too. Next weekend we have a Scout trip to Gettysburg. It will be our second as a family. The boys and Hubby will be camping ON THE BATTLEFIELD. Soooooo awesome. Pumpkin and I will be camping at the Marriott Courtyard! LOL

Positive energy and prayers needed for my hip and flare to go AWAY so I can keep up in Gettysburg next week!

I may have to do a prednisone taper. I am thankful that I have this opportunity, yet its side effects make me hesitant. So, waiting at this point to see what happens.

4. Autumn. Oh how I love that crisp feeling in the air! No other season gets that snap. Nature's kaleidescope show is soon to begin on the trees... sigh. I love it! ::: sigh :::

5. Coffee. Tried a new flavor from Green Mountain called Pumpkin Spice. Not as awesome as Gingerbread, but close! Yum.

ps... coffee machine still acting up. BJ's has one on sale thank the caffeine gods.

6. NCIS and NCIS LA! I love both these shows! Yay! I am just happy that the new fall season is upon us and we have NEW things to watch! Some just fun, some thought provoking, some full of adventure and puzzles.

7. Life. It is good. I have people I love all around me. My kids, Hubby, and parents. I have friends who care. A roof over my head and money to pay the bills. Books and computer to entertain and educate.


And, that fact is NOT lost on me for one minute!

8. Pets. Even though Libby keeps pooping on the front lawn and pissing off my dad, even though Tina still hates me and loves Hubby who hates her, even though Suzy knocked over the hamster cage AGAIN yesterday, even though Pumpkin (the cat) is very obviously declining as she ages --- I wouldn't trade the love, comfort and entertainment that you all provide on a daily basis.

The hamsters could go though. Anyone? lol

9. Diet. It has been a tough two weeks. Feeling the loss in my clothes, but the scale stayed the same. First, I went 2 pounds while Aunt Flo visited, and now, I am back down but still holding at 10 pounds total. This is pissing me off, but this is also how we women lose. So, I am waiting out the plateau. I can't exercise because of the hip... frustrating.

I believe that covers it. :-D

May this entry find you well and happy in your world!

be well...


Emily said...

WKeep sticking with the diet. I've been counting calories for ages it feels like, and I've only lost 5 total.

And I'm right there with you on fall. I am so happy it's finally here!

Missie said...

I saw the same LOL cat on my iphone app today!

Have a good night.

Coelha :B said...

Camping on the battlefield?! Wow..that is awesome. I'd be scared of soldier ghosts, but what an experience that will be! I hope your hip gets better soon..sending you good wishes!! Julie

a corgi said...

wow getting to camp on Gettysburg has got to be real humbling, don't you think? so much history all around that place; but then the Marriott is also a good choice too :) room service always makes me happy

sorry the flare is going on....and on...and on....and ruining your diet, life, etc.

it is amazing with all the technology that simplifies our life and makes it easy for hubbies to work at home, yet complicates our lives too as we sometimes demand so much on them and less on people


Beth said...

Sheeba would like me to tell you that he would be happy to take your hamsters off your hands. I think he drooled a little bit when he said it, too. ;) Hugs, Beth