Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thankful Thursday

WOW! Time flies doesn't it? Loved the above pic... he he he...

Here we are at Thankful Thursday again!

1. Gettysburg Trip. I am really looking forward to getting away and experiencing Gettysburg again. I love history!

2. Coffee. A must have everyday, even on trips!

3. Laughter. I watched the first episode of the new show 'Modern Family' last night. We have them all tivo'd. OMG, I laughed so hard I lost my breath and cried. It was great!

4. The Arts. Dancing, singing, music, painting, sculpture, etc. The beauty and talent of those around us can be awe inspiring. Listened to some Mozart last night... brought tears to my eyes. Watched dancing show and was amazed at some of the talent...

5. Farmville. Totally addicted and having fun with the distraction it provides.

6. Life. Whether easy, hard, painful, fun, happy or sad it is to be lived and savored. Autumn is my favorite season, watching nature's exquisite show aflame against a grey blue sky is like none other!

Leaving for Gettysburg tomorrow after some more running around! Ack! Will check in at some point next week, maybe over the weekend if there is time!

be well...


garnett109 said...

enjoy your trip tomorow

Emily said...

Enjoy your trip! Last time I was in Gettysburg we did an audio car tour...put a CD in and drove around. It was awesome. We could get out and stop wherever we wanted. Anyway, have a good time. :)

a corgi said...

have fun on the trip!! betting all will enjoy it immensely!

LOL about Farmland; I have heard so many people becoming addicted to it :)


Beth said...

Safe travels, and enjoy your trip! I know you will! Hugs, Beth

krissy knox said...

LOL. The LOLdog photo is funny! Just stopping by to say hi. Want am I thankful for, this thankful friday? My new hobbies of late, especially jewelry designing and making. Anyway, glad I could stop by and say hi. I still have a blog, I just haven't written in it for about a month bc I haven't been feeling well. If you get a chance do stop by soon and say hi anyway. I'll be writing regularly again real soon, Dawn. Take care,

krissy knox :)
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Traci said...

my addiction is/was Mafia Wars. Love it!