Monday, August 10, 2009

In the Lake

Yes, kitty, I know!
I have been avoiding stairs today, so far, so good! LOL
What an awesome weekend! We had a blast at Tommy's house. It was so nice to reconnect, see the kids, and just genuinely have fun all together.
Hubby was very wistful on the ride home, wondering how we had all allowed so much time go past without seeing each other. I don't know how either, but life is too short to dwell on what cannot be changed! I do know that we will never allow it to happen again!
Friday night was the county fair and it was really wonderful! The food was a mix of the usual awesome fair junk food and great local fixings! Hubby and I shared pierogis, a cheesesteak and a sausage, peppers, and onions sandwich. Yum! Another fave was a blooming onions! Incredible! We also split funnel cakes with the kids. Hubby and kids had waffles and ice cream and cotton candy.
There were rides, and pig races and animals!

Here are a few pictures:

Saturday was a relaxing day at the lake! Swimming, eating, more swimming, more eating... you get the idea!
Sunday was rainy, so after we took out Tom for a late breakfast we headed home!
Here are a few pics of the lake:

It was a great weekend!
Thank you for all the great comments I have been receiving! I have to say, I am sad that so few people are on blogging lately!
I will post the bungalow dish recipe... just not today! Too pooped to pop! LOL
be well...


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sounds like a great weekend, the lake looks refreshing :o)

Beth said...

Too pooped to pop? Do you pop out at parties? Are you unpoopular? ;)

Glad you had such a fabulous time--sounds wonderful! Mmm...cheesesteaks....

Sherry said...

what a great weekend........ I know you are all relax and ready for this week.... have a great one.

Lisa said...

It sounds like you had a fab weekend. I love funnel cake!! That is the first thing I go for when we go to the fair. I'm glad you had such a great time and lots of good food as well.

Marty said...

Hi Dawn,
LOL at Beth's Lucy Ricardo reference! You've brought back memories of the local fair at the small town in New England where I grew up. Like yours, it just took place this last weekend ... lots of fun and funnel cake.

Joann said...

LOL @ Beth, also!! Sounds like you all had a great time!!

I had to look up pierogis, they sound good except for the sauerkraut kind... don't like sauerkraut!!

LYN said...


Tee said...

Oh, that is the Wayne County Fair, Dawn? Is that Lake Wallenpaupak? My mil was born and raise in Honesdale, so my husband has relatives in the Honesdale/Hawley area. Where does your friend Tom live?

Dawn said...

Yes, Tee, the fair was in Honesdale! Tom lives on Elk Lake!!! Small world!!!

be well...

ps... Lyn not too popped to poop, and Beth - I need the vitametavegamin!!!!