Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I am in a wistful mood this evening...

I have decided to link my blog into my 'bookface' in order to share my blog with a greater audience. In some ways, this is letting a lot of my 'local' world in to see more of me than they usually do.

Welcome to all that venture over here to check out my musings.

I started this blog originally on AOL journals in March 2005. It was with the intention to help others struggling with the daily wear and tear of rheumatoid arthritis while juggling a family. Instead I found a lot of help and support. Maybe, I gave some too, I'd like to think so.

I also found out that having fun on here doing silly memes and surveys and lists helped me with coping more than one would think! Laughter is the best medicine sayeth Reader's Digest, and they are right!

And, doing a weekly Thankful Thursday entry keeps me grounded and focused on what is really important. No matter what 'curves' life threw at me (thanks, Donna), I was bound and determined to count my blessings.

And, I still am.

So, welcome again and here is this weeks list of thanks!

1. Coffee. Yep. Been one of those weeks! Almost ran out and I was not a happy camper. Tomorrow my Green Mountain automatic delivery will arrive in a nick of time!

2. My Pumpkin Muffin. Yes, I use silly nicknames over here for the kids because I want to keep my blog public, still in hope of helping others. Back to my daughter. It seemed like yesterday that we were playing tea party together and today she was lounging around in pj's all day with cramps. How did that happen?

Tonight, however she was so sweet when watching 'So You Think You Can Dance' when she told me, head in my lap, 'You are soooo comfortable and squishy Mommy.' Who knew that prednisone (ack) could be such a gift! LOL

3. Fuzzy. For seconding Pumpkin's claim that I am the softest, squishiest mom around and I give the best hugs, too. Thanks, sweetheart.

4. Hammer. I am so thankful for all your help, all your love and all your silliness, all at the same time. I don't know if I have ever told you this but thank you for all the laughs the Insecticons bring me!

5. Hubby. Sure, you nabbed the last $ I had to my name from my purse and forgot to tell me about it, and brought me home popcorn that you left on the bus, but it's the thought that counts. Over and over you prove that the thought is 'you love me'.

6. LoLcats from Never fails that at least one of the daily updates will get me to laugh out loud. See an example at the bottom of this entry!

7. Books. Reading has always been a perfect escape for me. Escape, stress reliever, whatever. Today, it was Kat Richardson's 4th book in the Greywalker series called 'Vanished'. It was better than I thought it could be! I recommend her series to all!

8. Bungalow Dish. Yum. A quirky 5 generation favorite passed down from my mom's side, but prepared to perfection by my dad this past Sunday. It rocked, didn't it Kath? Yummmmmmm! Thanks, Daddy!

9. My meds. Better living through pharmaceuticals? Hell yeah! They keep my immune system from wreaking too much damage on my joints and organs. So far... so good. It ain't perfect, and there is not cure yet, but we keep plodding on!!!

10. Tom. A wonderful childhood friend of hubby's and Uncle K's, who is allowing our entire brood to crash at his house, which happens to be on a lake, and is taking us to the Wayne County PA Country Fair this weekend! Yay! Thank you dear Tommy; it should be a blast! (Pray for me that I have the strength to get thru all I want to do this weekend!)

That is it for today. I put the picture at the top of Carpe Diem written in the sand about to washed away to express how I was feeling. Must 'Seize the Day' because it is so fleeting.

be well,


garnett109 said...

I'm thankful pharmacuticals also,better life thru chemicals

LYN said...

great list as always...
okay whats the bungalow know better than to just rheow a name out there!! LOL

Anonymous said...

And I am thankful for Dawn, the woman who introduced me to K cups and sang their praises to me...right now I am enjoying a dark roast hazelnut from GM ;).

Bungalow dish? Rusty nails & mouse tails? What?

Beth said...

This was very sweet, Dawn! I love the Cheezburger cats, too--this is a funny one. If you haven't seen the Simon's Cats videos, search for "Simon's Cat" on YouTube. I guarantee it will make you laugh!

Please share the Bungalow Dish. Inquiring minds want to know! Hugs, Beth

Missie said...

I love Thankful Thursday entries. You're making me feel guilty. I'll have to post a thankful entry now!

Enjoy your Friday!

Traci said...

Yeah, Bungalow Dish. Sharey, sharey.

Love the cow cat!

Cathy said...

O Dawn, "maybe" you helped? Truthfully you have no idea how much you've affected folks - not always realizing it either. I admire the way you've used humor to distract people from their little cocoons of pain and doubt, hope you always use this gift. I joined that Twitter thing and you might like it, gets your blog out to more people (that's how I found it lol) And about chemicals: they're not the culprits they do a job, it's these pharma-criminals I call them, who profit off our misery. Check April's post "Please Don't Be Afraid" about the so-called pandemic, you might like it, very factual. So glad we got caught up again! I see you still love your cafe lol :-))