Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ob la di ob la da - Life Goes On (meme)

I really love this lolcat! Every Einstein exhibit or book that mentions the theory of relativity has the same picture of a ball on a matrix pattern, and the kitty on the sheets captures it so well.See? I would need Hammer hear to explain it really coherently but I think you can see how the lolcat plays off of it.

Ok, moving right along then. I am really not feeling great but the Meme Queen cannot disappoint! So, I am pulling out an old one but with a new spin since I am sitting in a new location!

Rainbow around You - Using the colors of the rainbow, list an item you can see from where you are sitting that matches the color.

Red - A lady bug that Pumpkin Muffin made for me at arts and crafts a few years ago that is stuck on the inside of the open door of my computer desk/cabinet.

Orange - A 3x3 inch sign on cork board portion of the open computer door that says 'Women Working' (as opposed to Men Working, found on road crews)

Yellow - Libby, the yellow lab, lying at my feet!

Green - The evergreen candle that is on top of the tv cabinet.

Blue - The file folders hanging on the door inside the computer cabinet!

Indigo - The pencil/scissor holding cup next to the monitor.

Violet - The beautiful amethyst rocks on my fireplace that Kathy brought home from Mexico.


White - My wedding dress in our large wedding portrait.

Black - The black leather couches, but there were many I could have said, like the tv, the computer, etc. lol

Ok, one of you must do this meme. C'mon now, since I have been back only a handful have tried to play along!

I haven't forgotten the recipe either. First, I have to explain about Bungalow Dish. Back in the late 40's my mom's grandmother bought a summer bungalow in Keansburg, NJ, right on the beach. My mom would go with her family which was ever expanding thru the 50's, and this dish was created by a German lady trying to feed a bunch of people on the cheap.

It is now a family classic and it is just simply good plain comfort food.

Bungalow Dish

Brown one pound of chop meat. Cook one pound of elbow macaroni. Cover with approximately 12-16 oz of tomato sauce straight from the can, enough that it is wet but no extra sauce. Cover the top with plain bread crumbs and multiple pats of butter. Bake at 350 degrees for one hour.

Serve with salt and pepper and butter on the side to apply at will.

That's it. Very simple. No herbs, nothing fancy, and yet we all love it!

And, my dad even makes amazing homemade, from scratch pasta sauce, which is awesome, but this is just such a yummy comfort food - we will never give it up! LOL

Okie dokie, time for me to attempt sleep.

be well...


Sugar said...

my mom used to make that for me, i made it for my kids...we just called it goulash casserole. lol

Lisa said...

{Libby}...she is sooooo cute!!! Good meme and you had all the bases covered with your colors too.
My grandma used to make something very close to your Bungalow Dish but she called it goulosh, I have no idea how to spell that! LOL.
I hope you feel better today.

LYN said...


Dawn said...

LOL! Yeah... Bungalow Dish is no mystery! Simple and easy!

be well...

Missie said...

I'm so glad your blogging again and continuing with the memes!

Happy Hump Day!

Anonymous said...

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