Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day by Day

I just loved this lolcat!

Hubby just called on his way to the dentist. Just a teeth cleaning, but I swear - you have never seen a bigger baby. He wanted me to come sit there and watch. Really? You must be kidding me. I don't even do that with the kids anymore, and he knows that. You should have heard him whining about it. lol Men!

Tonight is Boy Scouts. Hammer is the troop librarian and this year we are being very organized. He made a list of all the Merit Badge books that he has collected that others have used and no longer needed. I typed a memo for him to hand to everyone tonight, giving our telephone #, his email addy, and with the list of all the books available for loan. Also, in the memo we reminded kids to turn in their used books for recycling in the troop for others.

I hope this is a success. No one has ever done this before in the troop, and Hammer is really into it. Even after he completes his Eagle, he wants to continue with it. :-)

Tonight, Fuzzy also has a handout for everyone. The troop is going to collect goodies/necessities for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan! A friend in town is working with an active reservist to get all of the items distributed to those in need of some Christmas cheer! A worth cause for sure!

I am proud of both the boys! And, even Pumpkin will be there tonight helping hand out the memos! She envisions herself as the Troop Mascot. lol

Those who have been reading me for a while will remember that I have been going to Atlantic City with my mom on her twice yearly business trips for a little over a year now. I went to her May and November 2007 trips, and the May 2008. The November one is coming - November 14th! Yay!

This is the busier and more hectic of the two conventions. In May, all the convention is held in the hotel where we stay. This November one we have to shuttle back and forth between the hotel and the Convention Center. Two of my mom's friends are partially disabled and need to use scooters which are rented at both locations. I wil help with the shuffling.

As you can imagine it gets hectic. You have to check in the one you are using at the hotel and get a receipt. I usually stay with them and do that while mom runs to get a taxi ready and waiting. Then, we shuffle with cane and what-not to the taxi and repeat the process in the reverse at the Convention center. Of course the places you pick-up/drop-off the scooters is never right next to the door. Sheesh.

I am very happy to help! I love my mom's friends, they are all like additional mom's/grandma's to me. My mom is the spring chicken of the group at 63 (on November 8th). The next friend is 75 ish and 2 are in the 80's! Brilliant determined women all. Tax collectors, Chief Municipal finance officers. Some retired, some not.

Of course those are just the women we have adjoining rooms with and do our traveling with at the convention. There are many more that are my mom's clients or friends that we meet up with for meals during the week. It is really a nice time. Busy, but fun.

I am looking forward to it - as you can tell!

be well...


It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Sounds like you have a well organized group there. Your trip with your mom sound like fun. Take care and have a happy hump day,

Traci said...

I love how excited your family is about Boy Scouts! Wonderful!
and your husband cracks me up! I have never gone back with my kids, their dentist discourages it! Makes them a little more independent.

Coelha :B said...

Oh gosh.. I hope your husband did okay without you by his side! LOL... Very funny!! What a nice break to look forward to! It's always nice to get away for awhile! Julie :)

ELLIE said...

love the lolcat - too cute!!!
sounds like the convention is going to be a blast - enjoy yourself - lots of shuffling around but what fun to be had!!!
sounds like the kids will have a grand time with the scouts this year...the library idea is wonderful!
Have a great evening!!--Ellie

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sounds like some great time with you mom :o)

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

ROFL at your hubby. After all you have to endure, he is fussing about the dentist. I swear there is a reason men could never give birth. I know you are looking forward to that trip again. I would be also. HUGS

Bill said...

I've never heard of a Troop Librarian before. I sure like the idea. I like that your boys are in Scouts. I never made Eagle but, was Life. I also like the Christmas gifts for the Troops in Iraq. Very Patriotic kids you have there. I think I would like to meet them some day. I hope you have a great time on the "Mom" trip again. Please don't let yourself get rundown. It will make you sick. My Regards, Bill
PS: I hate to go to the Dentist alone. I like Libby sitting in the waiting room when I get done with the drilling.

Marty said...

Hi Dawn,
Yes, I agree ... it seems somehow amusing that your husband needed your support at his teeth cleaning. But it's also touching, too ... why not cut the dental phobe a little slack and cheer him on. Good thing he wasn't going in for a root canal ... he'd probably ask you to sit next to him on the chair.

Cathy said...

Well look at Hammer, good for him! And Fuzzy too, what unique maturity and feeling. LOVE the lolcats I always LOL when reading them - have a great day with Mom in A.C. (1 hr from me!)

Lisa said...

Yay I thought I had lost ya... hope you have a great week ahead and did I send you an invite over to my blog? If not it is private and I'll be happy to add you.

Leigh said...

I think the book loans are a wonderful idea, good for Hammer. He may be starting a new tradition.
Best Wishes to Fuzzy's project, too.
Dawn, your kids are awesome individuals, it must be hereditary!
Men are such babies. Why is that?
I just love the lolcats. I send them to Son all the time.
:) Leigh

erarein63 said...

Men are the biggest babies of all! I had to draw blood and start an iv on a 3yr old last night, and he didn't even squirm. My 20-something male pt was like "wait, wait, wait"...jeez give me a break! Your trip sounds fun. Hope you are feeling good today. Interesting last post on those meds, and I agree, some of those drug commercials are unrealistic to say the least. De ;)

Sugar said...

dawn, the jland tags you were asking guido about, are on my blog in one of my previous posts, i made them for all. :)

Kath said...

Your kids are the most Dawn always inot something and very willing to help out at the drop of a hat.No wonder you are proud of them.It's good when kids have interests they need them.As for hubby less said the better (MEN) lol!! I know you love your conventions with Mom the last one was a blast I remember how much you enjoyed it.I hope you have a great time if you do manage to go again.Prayers for you all hope the kids realy enjoy themselves and everything goes great.Take Care God Bless Kath

Lori said...

I think Hammer's librarian job sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to recycle those books, and I'm so glad he's wanting to keep it going. What a great idea! Fuzzy's goody collecting, too! You should be proud of them and of Pumpkin. I hope you have a wonderful time with you mom and her friends in Atlantic City. I think it's great that you can go along with her on these trips!

a corgi said...

awesome with the boys Scouts projects; both with the library book organizationa and collecting items for our troops! WTG to both of them (and Pumpkin too because I know she helps when she can :)

how fun to have that twice a year trip to spend time with your mom and her friends; always something good to look forward to


Gillie said...

Isn't it awesome to see your kids get really excited about doing something good. :)

Lisa said...

LOL...I had to laugh out loud at your husband wanting you to be there at the dentist. That is too funny.

The Scouts are really doing honorable things, I would be very proud too.

I bet the trip to AC is a riot with those ladies. I do recall the last trip you had there. I would be looking forward to the next one too...a nice getaway.

Anonymous said...

I just read this post. I admire your energy! If I can, I would like to help minimize the "shuffling". I work at the Sheraton across the street from the Convention Center.Maybe I can help uncomplicate the rooms and/or the scooters. You can contact me at