Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dirty Deeds

Today the boys had an Eagle Scout project to work at today. The boy earning his Eagle, was very happy for the turn out. They were collecting old computers, cell phones, tv's, and other assorted electronics. From 8 until 2pm today they were set up at our town's DPW, and filled 2 big trucks worth.

I decided that since it was only 2 1/2 blocks from my house, to walk over for the last hour and half, and to bring Libby.

Libby had lots of fun! She got lots of hugs, kisses, and tummy rubs.

This resulted in a very dirty yellow lab!

So, we had to give Libby a bath. Libby does not like baths. Libby is allergic to doggie shampoo, so we used the same non-fragranced, hypo-allergenic, expensive Aveeno body wash we use on Fuzzy!

Libby is cleaner now, but wet, and not happy about it. We dried her as best as we could but now she needs to air dry. She keeps trying to get away from herself. It's funny.

Anyhow, Mish is here, our spare for the day, and we are finishing up our chores and getting ready to head to Borders.

Then, the plan is take out for the kids, and then Hubby and I are going to have a much needed dinner out alone.

I am really looking forward to it. It has been a tough week.

I found out from my rheumatologist that my bloodwork showed major vitamin D and potassium deficiencies. It wasn't a complete surprise as I have shown it being low normal before, but these numbers were really bad. Almost, heading to the hospital bad. The plaquenil and the Enbrel can cause this - lucky me - I got the lottery win on that.

So, now I have two more meds to take. One daily for the potassium and an uber pill of vitamin D once a week.

Ack. Yep... fun.

And, it isn't like I don't do vitamins either. I take Emergen C at least once a day, which is filled with lots of vitamins and minerals. Imagine if I didn't.

Ah well, no point in pissing and moaning, as there may be a silver lining.

There is a chance that once my counts get back up to normal that my fatigue will fade. Oh how I hope against hope that it will be so.

Anyhow, today is a gorgeous, sunny, bright, crisp fall day. The kind that you can't help but have a little pep in your step when you breathe in the air...

Enjoy your weekend...

be well...


garnett109 said...

Yep my blood work came back and i'm low on the Jim Beam, I'm lacking bourbon lol!

Louise *Star Dust* said...

Sounds like a fun day. I hope that you have a wonderful dinner with hubby! We did that last night at an Italian restaurant. Enjoy it!

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

Sheesh, Dawn, it never ends for you but I sure hope your blood gets all pumped up and you get energized like that bunny. LOL at Libby. Grizzly hates baths also and hates being wet. Libby gets the spa treatment. I used my lavendar and vanilla on Grizzly to get rid of the darned doggie smell. Hugs

Coelha :B said...

I wish your boys could come down to my house and pick up some stuff! :) I'm sorry about the "more pills".. I can't even take vitamins-the after taste really makes me ill for some reason. Take care, and have a relaxing weekend! Julie

Bill said...

Your comments about YOUR Libby made me laugh. I told mine she needed a bath too!!
I take a potassium pill each time I take a lasix. That's also known as Water Pill. Eat a lot of grapefruit if you can. That will help the potassium.
I sure hope your dinner went well. Regards, Bill.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you had a good day, even if you had to wash the dog. Hope you have a pleasant dinner with hubby :o)

erarein63 said...

Sounds like a fun and busy day. Hope you feel better soon and enjoy your night out with Hubby. De ;)

Lisa said...

Awww, sorry to hear about the bloodwork. Let's keep thinking positive though and hope the silver lining does come through for you and the new meds will work and you'll start feeling better.

It sounds like Libby had a great day until her bath of course. I had to bath Buddy yesterday, he rolled in something foul...ewwww. He isn't fond of baths either.

I hope you have a wonderful dinner with hubby tonite.

Tightening the Corset Again said...

Do you have any ideas what the symptoms of potassium deficiency are? They gave me potassium while I was in the hospital but I had also had a ton of IV fluids pumped through me... so I don't know if it was a matter of being proactive or if they discovered a problem. And... to be honest... I haven't given it a thought until I read your post.

Anyways... hope it gets resolved for you! *hugs*

ELLIE said...

Poor Libby - she is beautiful tho - sounds like the boys had a successful day!!
I so know about the lack of potassium - I am trying to find an even balance for me - the doc won't do anything for it - but the leg cramps are getting really bad for me!!
well take care girlfriend and enjoy your night out with your hunnie!!!

Chrissie said...

I hope you get your energy back soon. Glad to hear the kids are okay. Poor Lib got some attention then got rewarded with a BATH yuck. LOL. Hope you all have a great weekend.
Take care, Chrissie

Call me Paul said...

Can't you just eat a couple of bananas and get some sun? No, eh?

Missie said...

Both my dogs have a lot of allergies so I bath them in Johnson's Baby Shampoo! Enjoy your Sunday.

~Rebecca Anne~ said...


I'm am so on a mission to track everyone down~~

I'm very glad I found you. See you soon,
P.S. the new digs look wonderful

Toon said...

Hope the potassium pills help right away!


LYN said...


It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Nothing like a clean dog ~ especially once they've dried off. Hoping your enjoying your weekend. Take care,

ADB said...

Eat bananas, Dawn, they also boost your potassium. I don't believe in commercial vitamin supplements - but that's my opinion.

a corgi said...

that must have been a nationwide project Scouts were doing; out church' Boy Scout troop was collecting old computers/electronics yesterday too; if I remember correctly, they thought they might fill up one 35-foot truck, ended up filling up 3 of them

good job to your troop!

Libby and Koda are alike in baths; takes forever for Koda to dry; he needs to dry naturally after we dry him best we can

sorry about your vitamin deficiencies, glad they caught them before you had to go into the hospital; hoping you get repleted soon



Gillie said...

Yikes!! I am sure you work really hard to get your vitamins anyway! Yuck to another pill! They do say most people are vitamin d deficient anyway~so you're not alone. :)


Leigh said...

By now, your dinner's 2 days in the past, hope you 2 enjoyed.
Libby sounds so cute and cuddly. I really miss having a pet(or 2).
Are the Vit. D's the geat big nasty ones? OH, I don't envy you that.
Bananas-slice, place on bed of warm gooey peanut butter on crispy toast!!!
Or-slice in half, freeze on popsicle stick, dip in melted choc. chips, refreeze-and eat !!! YUMMY
:) Leigh