Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dirty Deeds

Ellie over at THE CRAZY LIFE tagged me to dish the dirt on myself!

Oh my... I have done these before and I think you all know every sordid detail already, but I will play again!

1. I blow my nose really loud. And, I honk. Yes, it is embarrassing, but efficient. My kids laugh...

2. I hate the bathroom sinks to have anything in them. No toothpaste residue, bubbles... If I see hair, I will gag. Especially, if I am at someone elses house. Clutter - doesn't bother me... but that... ick. lol It is a constant battle with kids to try to keep ahead of them... but they are getting better at keeping the sink clean.

3. I love Hot Pockets Breakfast Ham n Cheese. I know, but I do! And, I give all the big egg pieces to Libby. Egg is good for a dog's coat, after all.

4. If I am eating ice cream, I will let the dog or the cats have some right off of my spoon. They are my babies! I don't mind!

5. I have an adult friend who ditched me after I got more sick and it hurt as much as it did when I was a kid. Maybe more, because I didn't think that it could happen anymore as an adult. :-(

6. I love Chapstick and have them stashed around the house, on my nightstand, by the computer, in the car, in my purse, you can never have too many Chaptsticks! lol

Done! Now, I am supposed to tag 6 people, but instead I will beg you all to do it!! Come on now!!! It will be fun!

I still have my cold, which is really annoying. I am trying to keep it from migrating into my lungs. Ack. Of course, Hammer is well. Pumpkin got her cold, and got better, all after I got it! ::: sigh :::

I had to skip my Enbrel shot, or it would have sent me into some kind of infection for sure. I do NOT want to skip again, so this thing had better leave before Sunday! I did take the methotrexate and I probably shouldn't have, but it was a calculated risk.

Enough of that. I hope everyone is having a great week... Gotta get more java!

Oh yeah! I added a meez and I changed my music. You have to turn it on if you want to listen. This way it is your choice!

be well...


Anonymous said...

I, too was given the assignments form Julie over at Julia's New Journal.

I use a lot of chapstick as well

Possum S. Hemmingway

Lisa said...

I love your answers and I eat off the same utensils as my dogs too. I think there are alot of "us" out there but most won't admit it. ;)

I do hope you start to feel better soon.

I love your graphic, I have those little plastic bins in my cat house but never thought to stack them like that.

Jeannette said...

I enjoyed reading your answers, a couple made me laugh. I never do these things though, just not me but I know you will have others who will join in.

Leigh said...

Yep, I'm one of the others that will join in-after work tonight. I'm having alittle trouble with topics right now, so...Sure!
Bro is a chapstick fiend like you. I just lick it off, so it doesn't do me much good indoors, but outside I wear it.
Hey, kick that cold in the butt so you can do your shot!
:) Leigh

garnett109 said...

enjoy your day!

Beth said...

Your Meez is all hopped up on caffeine!

I'm a Blistex girl myself. Berry Blistex. It works better for me than anything else!


Coelha :B said...

I confess like Hot Pockets-I eat the Lean Pockets Pepperoni Pizza. There is a collection of boxes in the break room at work sitting in the recycle bin--there is about 10 of them, and they are all mine. One co-worker asked: "Who eats all these nasty Lean Pockets?", and I remained silent. I'm confessing to you, because I know you will understand. Wheew.. I feel a lot better now! Thanks! Julie :)

Sonya said...

Enjoyed reading your meme thing. honking. lol. sinks. lol. So do you let the pets eat the ice cream AFTER you are finished eating your part? Just curious. lol

Marty said...

Hi Dawn,
Love the Meez! I'm not one for memes so I'll give a quick answer here: I do a "cold burn." If I'm crossed, which is rare, I never get angry on the surface but end up silently seething until -- much later -- I extract a "terrible revenge." Sheesh ... now I've gone and made myself sound evil ...

ELLIE said...

thanks so much for playing along - love it and I never knew that stuff about you - I think I knew tho that you had a thing about chap stick but everything else is new to me - thanks for sharing the dirt - the blowing your nose had me rolling!!!
feel better - sending healing energy your way!!!
take care

lunarossa said...

Hope you get better soon. Love your music, especially Guns&Roses and U2. Take care Ciao. Antonella

"Ima" said...

wasn't going to post tonight as the editing has me busy but your meme made me laugh so i'll play along. :) feel better, my friend! - trace

Traci said...

Your meez is shakin' it, baby! Get better so you can have your shot! I'll play the meme. But I have to think! Love the stack o' cats!

Linda said...

Loved your answers! Have a great day. Linda

~Rebecca Anne~ said...

From one sink gagger to another..I so understand you on that one~
I hope your having a beautiful day,

Gillie said...

I love chapstick and lip gloss and all things lippy! :)

a corgi said...

love reading these memes; you are my kind of person to let the dogs lick the spoon :)

sorry your cold was still hanging on, hoping by now you are feeling better