Sunday, October 12, 2008

Philadelphia Freedom

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So, Philly was fun! We arrived there about 10:30am and parked beneath the visitors center.

After walking through the visitors center, buying tickets for Independence Hall for an afternoon tour, and collecting the maps necessary for the day, our group of 19, yes 19 - set out! We had 9 adults and 10 kids.

First stop, the Liberty Bell! She is a beauty! She was affixed the top of the Pennsylvania State House, now Independence Hall, in the 1750's. Next, we visited Ben Franklin's ghost. You asked Ben questions and his 'ghost' answered. Very cool.

Next, the building that was our first bank, now a portrait museum. It held many portraits of the men who were brave enough to start this little 'experiment' of freedom!

Everyone was hungry then and we ate in the food court at the Bourse, a building that was originally one of the first foreign banks back in the 1800's.

Next, we headed to the Underground Museum. All about Ben Franklin! The outdoors has the foundations of his house, and a layout showing were his print shop would have been. There are some original buildings there also. In the museum we saw a film on Franklin and viewed many displays.

The boys earned a special merit badge on Ben Franklin.

Betsy Ross' house was next! Yay for Pumpkin Muffin - she was waiting to see that all day. A great glimpse into colonial life and the life of an extraordinary woman and patriot. Often, the sacrifices women make during way is forgotten...

We needed to race about 5 blocks to Independence Hall to make our tour! Yeah - I started hurting then. It wasn't pretty from then on, but I persevered! lol

Independence Hall, Congress Hall, etc, was fabulous. The kids loved it and the National Park Service really brings history alive! The speakers were great and very kind to us as Scouts at all the locations we visited!

One last destination to complete the day - Ben Franklin's grave at Christ Church. Another 4 -5 blocks... ouch, but we did it. And were a bit let down! You can only stand outside the gate of cemetary and look in - yep, there it is. Oh well.

We headed to the gift shop and did a power shop as they were getting ready to close at 5pm, then into the cars.

Thank heavens for GPS, we headed back into NJ and went to Cracker Barrel in Mount Laurel. We skipped the cheesesteaks as everyone decided they were tired and wanted waitress service. Plus, we don't get Cracker Barrel where we live, so it is a BIG treat!

We sat in groups but all together and had a great meal! Got a few candy goodies for the ride home and headed to the NJ Turnpike.

Arrived home about 9pm and we were tired, but what a wonderful day! We had perfect weather and saw everything we wanted to see and then some! Of course, there is always more... next time.

Today, I am sore, limping and tired, but no rest for the weary! I am headed to the bowling alley to watch the kids bowl with Hubby!

I will be back later to read all your blogs!

be well...


Lisa said...

Sounds like a fun & educational day! It has been so long since I've been to Philly and I am not that far away either so there is no excuse.

a corgi said...

what does one ask Ben Franklin's ghost? I'm trying to think what I would ask of him

sounds like a great day!!! so neat to have a fun day that was a learning day for the kids!!

and to top it off with a meal at Cracker Barrel, yum!!!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Last year, Beth and I headed to Philly for the King Tut exhibit, and did a lot of the things you mentioned. It is a nice city, with a lot of history. We really enjoyed walking around. Glad you got in all you wanted.

Traci said...

That's the kind of trip I would love! CB is good even if you have them on every corner like we do down here.

Indigo said...

Dan's been great trying to help people who have had problems migrating as well on Magic Smoke (bet he didn't know I noticed)...Philly sounds like it was a fun filled adventure. Glad to see you posting hon, missed you for awhile there. (Hugs)Indigo

D said...

sounds like a great time.

ELLIE said...

It sounds like you all had a fantastic time - that is wonderful - what a great way to spend the day!!
I am sure you will be really tired today - but sit back and relax and enjoy the rest of the weekend!!
p.s. lordy I love cracker barrel

Coelha :B said...

Wow... Sounds like a great day with the kids, and so educational! I hope to see pictures of Ben Franklin's ghost! :) Julie

Chris/ said...

Philly is a really cool place to visit. I didn't realize how much shopping you could do I'm still having problems getting my graphics to fit on a fancy background. They don't gel. Yours looks great! Welcome to the new world....HUGS

Marty said...

Hi Dawn,
Philly is one of my favorite cities ... sounds like you covered all the best highlights of it. The perfect place to bring your kids!

Toon said...

Dang. I need(ed) somebody to walk me through the blogger mess. It just doesn't seem worth it at this point. :(


erarein63 said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I would love to take the kids and do something like that. Will you post pics? Hope you got some rest and aren't so sore today. De ;)

Leigh said...

Sorry it was so rough on you, but what a fascinating trip.
I haven't been to Cracker Barrel for over 5 years. :(
Have a great week!
:) Leigh

Lori said...

I do love the coffee-themed background. Glad Dan could help you and find what you wanted.

Gillie said...

Awwwww~no cheesesteaks!

Sounds like everyone had a great time anyway!! :)