Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Gotta love a little Ozzy to get you going!

If I came off 'bossy' in my last post - I certainly didn't mean to be! My kids sometimes read the blog, that is all.

Anyhow, how about I make it up to you with a meme!

I was bopping around blogger and saw this and thought... me, too!

10 Things I Love That No Longer Exist
  1. AOL Journals. Heh heh, yeah, I am a little early, but I know you don't mind. Basically, I miss all of AOL of the late 90's early 00's. Dang. Oh well - the only thing constant is change.
  2. Albums. There was just something so awesome about buying a new album, getting the lyrics, the pictures, and all the liner notes. Hanging out with a friend and listening to it through the first time... :::sigh::: Now - who bothers? Maybe you buy a cd, but more likely you download what tracks you want. Easy peasy - but it does lose something.
  3. KeyPunch Machines. I bet most of you don't even know what those were, but my mom used to work with them. Way back before desktop computers! What I miss are the used cards that we used to make really cool wreaths with for the holidays! That would have been so much fun to do with the kids!
  4. Bath & Body Works Creamy Coconut. WHY oh WHY did you discontinue this heavenly scent that did not make my highly allergic child sneeze???
  5. Buff Puffs. Do you remember them? I need those for Pumpkin as she seems prone to blackheads, but oh no - there are a thousand similar-ish things, but not exactly this product, which is what she needs. Ack.
  6. Lipton's Unsweetened Ice Tea. In the individual bottles. Or the Snapple one. I love Ice Tea with no sweetner; not sugar, not fake crap. Just tea. :::sigh::: I used to get these all the time... now, you never ever see them.
  7. Halsa Highlight Shampoo. OMG, this was the best shampoo and conditioner I ever used! It was awesome. Marigold for blondes. If they brought this back, I would be thrilled!
  8. Mimeograph Copies. Remember them from school? How they smelled? That weird feel of the paper? I would love to be able to show that to the kids once! lol
  9. Arthur Treacher's Restaurants. I loved them. I don't know if they exist somewhere in the US outside my area, but in my travels, I have not found them again.
  10. Farrell's Restaurant. This was a restaurant in a mall nearby. It was the neatest place. They made a fountain mixed Sasparilla from scratch that showed the separation of the soda and the syrup and you got to mix it yourself! The same with Root Beer! It was so cool and fun! And, when it was your birthday - they had firehouse bells and sirens they would bang and whoop and sing to you after - it was a spectacle to see, and so much fun! I wish it were still around, the kids would LOVE it. The food was awesome, too. :::sigh:::

Okay, now it is your turn to list the things you wish still existed! This world is full of obsoletes... so come on and share!

be well...


Indigo said...

Loved your answers. Bath and Body constantly changes out scents, drives me nuts. You get one you absolutely love and they discontinue it. What I didn't spend enough money in there, on that product to keep it going? Ahh Meme's, ahhh no.. this time I'll leave it on your doorstop hon. (Hugs)Indigo

Coelha :B said...

Hi Dawn! YOu know, my daughter works at Bath & Body! She loves coconut--I'm going to ask her about that scent. I remember her saying that they always have sales on discontinued items.. I remember Farrell's! I haven't seen one in years though. I will try and do this one too-I miss your Memes! Take care - Julie :)

garnett109 said...

Hows about 45's?
Those were the days!

funnybone00 said...

hi i am a friend bill and lori i rember key punch i took a class back in the 70's i enjoy it alot

Beth said...

One of my favorite scenes in a movie is from "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," when the test is passed out, and all of the students hold it up to their faces and take a big whiff. LOL! I can still smell that mimeograph aroma. I loved it, but it probably wasn't all that good for us!!


Marty said...

Hi Dawn,
Ahh, yes, those good, old fashioned mimeograph copies ... churned out by a machine with a turn crank. Sometimes I think back to that smell and wonder what sort of chemicals we were exposed to. Maybe we're better off not knowing ...!

Chris/cacklinrosie101 said...

LOL...Dawn, I didn't think you were bossy. I was teasing. Oh my goodness, this list is priceless. I loved Halsa Shampoo, and my first job was doing key punch. The teachers were always screaming at us for smelling mimeograph copies because they said we'd get high. I'm so old I remember each and every one. HUGS

moshell's lilbit of space said...

Yankee Candle Citrus...they have tried other smells to be similar, but nothing has come close yet.

BBW citrus & basil..I found it in Vegas and bought a crap load - SERIOUSLY...and have used every drop.

I remember quite a few of far as a restuarant, Tony & I used to go to was Schoops...they had the BEST burgers and soup...oh yummy...haven't seen one in 7 years.

Missie said...

Your meme brought back some good memories! LOL

Leigh said...

I'll have to think up some things for this one.
Except for the BBW coconut scent and Farrell's, I remember all these things. I worked in the attendance office(what a geek)and spent alot of time at the mimeo machine.
:) Leigh

Traci said...

Ahh the slightly damp pages being passed out by the teacher who had JUST scurried to get them copied. Love it. And albums. Oh man.

Dornbrau said...

Farrells Ice Cream Parlor! Yeah!
And AOL Journals, man, I met some great people there!

Michelle said...

I remember Farrels lol!

Paramus Mall???

Wow that has gone a longgg time lol!!!!

The kids would love it - they should bring it back!!!



a corgi said...

these were great to read!! we had Farrell's when I was growing up; they made a huge zoo sundae you could get on your birthday that fed at least 10 people; loved birthday parties there!

I hadn't thought of mimeograph copies in years but you are right, they did smell good!

that is sad that the coconut scent is no longer available, figures, you find something that works and they discontinue it


Lisa said...

This was surely a fun read and brought back alot of memories.
One being I ended up in the hospital for 2 days with food poisoning from Arthur I will have to say I hope they don't come back!!

Gillie said...

Bath & Body also used to have a lavender scent~not the one they have now. I loved it and I miss it!! :)