Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bad Company

Today is Hubby's birthday! 44 years, double digits, which is supposed to be good luck!

Tonight we are watching Giants vs. Dallas. As you may remember, Hubby is a huge Giant fan. HUGE. I really hope the Giants win today as a birthday present. It would top off a very nice day.

Uncle K is here and he has the nerve to be a Dallas fan. Uncle K (Hammer's godfather) and Hubby grew up together and ALL of their friends are Giants fans, and then there is Uncle K.

There is even a bet between Tom (our friend whose lake we visited in August and took us to the Wayne County PA fair) and Uncle K for dinner over this game. Our friend Uncle D (also a childhood friend that is godfather to Fuzzy) sent Uncle K a very 'colorful' text message that I cannot reprint here. LOL

The trash talking is flying about the house!!! LOL

I have also been known to partake and honestly I sometimes get so excited and worked up ESPECIALLY during a Giants game such as this that I have to give myself a time out and come here by the computer to settle myself down.

Feel better already!!! I was getting pretty damn worked up, needed to take a break!

Let's see what other news can I share from this weekend...

I am up to 10 pounds lost. ;-) (my first goal!)

Tonight, we went to PF Chang's for Hubby's birthday dinner and somehow I managed to still eek in under my calorie count for the day! YAY!

Fuzzy was treated to a really cool new adult sized mountain bike by Grandpa and Grandma that he loves. :-)

Oooh, funny story! We got a new lamp for a family room yesterday as our old one was killed by Hubby. Don't ask. Anyhow, we put in new energy saving bulbs like good little green people. Apparently, we shouldn't have because it has a low and high setting, but I digress.

So, there we are sitting there watching tv, minding our own business and BAM, POW, POP! (pick one) One of the light bulbs exploded all over showering me and the room with glass!!!

Hubby came running, the dog ran the other way, the kids start yelling, I leapt up and shut off the light because it began to smoke, and then we let Hubby take over. LOL

So, we put in normal lightbulbs and all is well now.

That was our weekend excitement... prior to this game!


be well...


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

We are pulling for the Giants as well, but I think it will be tomorrow before I know who won the game :o(

Dawn said...

Yeah... it is a late one, Ken!

Go Big Blue!

Thanks for the cheering from you and Beth!

be well...

Beth said...

Hey, happy birthday to your hubby!! I'm cheering for the Giants, too, so we'll make sure he gets a win for his birthday. Although the Giants aren't cooperating too well at the moment! Grrr! I just love Eli, because I love Peyton. I still think it's so cool that Peyton and the Colts won the Super Bowl, and Eli and the Giants won it the following year. Can you imagine how Archie must have felt?

I think they have three-way CFC bulbs, don't they? I'm not sure, because none of our lamps are three-ways. (You have risqué lamps, Dawn. LOL)


Missie said...

Hope your husband had a good birthday!

Cindi said...

happy late b-day to the the giants lost ;(

Traci said...

First, Happy Birthday to you hubby! Second, I hate the new bulbs. I bought my first pack and they don't work right. Mine didn't explode, poor you! But snap, crackle, pop. What are we supposed to do when these things are mandatory?! Grrrr.

Indigo said...

Happy Belated to your hubby. I turned the double 22 (winks) this past July myself.

Way to go on the weight loss hon! (Hugs)Indigo

a corgi said...

Happy belated birthday to hubby! I don't know the score of the game, but hope the Giants won :)

congrats on the weight loss!!


Marty said...

Hi Dawn,
Happy Birthday to your husband ... belated! An exploding lamp with showering glass would have given me a jolt, that's for sure. Glad you weren't hurt!