Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Finally, school has begun in our little slice of NJ!

The summer, frankly, went too quick for me this year. It didn't feel like summer at all until August, and then *poof* over - in the blink of an eye! I actually love the time with the kids with no schedule and just relaxing.



1. Fuzzy. That although he was much like the kitty in the picture above, and was full of nerves, Fuzzy is now happy with high school and seems to be enjoying the new experience and the teachers and the work. Yay!

2. Pumpkin. As always, just a bundle of happy at the thought of starting a new year and after starting it - she still is a bundle of happy! Yay!

3. Friends. Thanks for the prayers and support this week!

4. Hubby. No one pisses me off quite like you. No one loves me better, either. Feh. It's all good, hon. lol

5. Farkle. Thank you for taking my mind off worrying about Fuzzy during his first day at high school. I like being in first place out of my friend's scores too.

6. Books. How I love you all!!!! Thanks also to you for helping me keep my stress levels under control this week!

I am VERY VERY behind on blog reading!!! I am sooooo sorry! I will catch up soon!

I am happy to report that in spite of the increased stress this week, I stuck to my diet and stayed under my calorie goal each and every day! Yay!

More soon...

be well...


Beth said...

How perfect is that kitty picture?! Glad to hear that all are enjoying school so far. Hugs, Beth

D said...

Good thankfuls. Hard to believe Fuzzy's in high school,it goes just super fast.

garnett109 said...


Char said...

That is one scarey looking cat.
Sounds like you got it all under control. You go girl.

Anonymous said...

I never apologize for not getting around to blogs & you shouldn't feel you have to either. You have kids & pain issues. Enough to get a long term pass right there.

I also never say: Oh, I'm reading everyone but not commenting.

Uhm, because it isn't true ;o.

I see 125 blogs unread & mark all read. Simple & less time consuming.

;) Smile, no guilt.~Mary

Diama ~*a.k.a*~ Cherry said...

hey dawn i kno its been a while since you seen lil o'l cherry post a comment school has been crazy for me college isnt sweet like high school. but im glad all seems to be going well with you right now talk to u later.