Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Told You So

This is what it has been like lately with Fuzzy and Pumpkin.
This is what it is like most of the time between Hammer and the terrible twosome! Hammer is my big thinker! ;-)

Is it a wonder I want to pull my hair out sometimes? LOL
Oy! The bickering!!!!
Today, as I shouted at the two of them to 'Knock it off' for what felt like the thousandth time, I decided to add, 'if you two start it again, I am punishing you both - no questions asked.'
The standard punishment is going Amish or electronics free. Except for tv.
No computer, no cell phone (no texting???!!! The horror! for Pumpkin anyhow.) no Xbox or handheld game either.
It worked. Blessed silence ensued and no more bickering, no more 'he said, she said'. Suddenly, it was all UN negotiations and keeping mom out of it. Nice. :-)
The big news of the week falls under the 'NEVER A DULL MOMENT' at my house category!
Monday night we were all outside enjoying the lovely evening. Uncle K, his son, Pumpkin and Hubby were playing basketball and were almost done with a game of '21'. Fuzzy was riding his bike.
He pulled into the drive way and I told him it was getting too dark, streetlights were on already, and to put away the bike. As usual, he argued. After a moment of bickering, he begged for one more run down the street.
I had a bad feeling about it, but I let him go. I shouldn't have, and he should have listened to mom.
We hear a yell and a crash. Fuzzy's bike pedal broke off and he went flying over the handlebars.
He came down very, very hard on his left forearm and tore it up with road rash, also his left shoulder, hand, right thumb, and both knees. Ouch.
The forearm began to swell and bruise and after a half hour he was in a lot of pain so... off to the ER. Thankfully, NOT broken. Three separate finger fractures so far for 2009 ( two for Pumpkin, one for Fuzzy), and I was glad not to add to the list!
Needless to say, bad road rash sucks and hurts. As does the massive swelling and bruise on the forearm. Fuzzy had a half day on Tuesday and we let him stay home. He had a rough night and was really sore, so he had a jammie day with motrin. ;-)
This morning and today have been much better. It is awesome to be young because he is bouncing back already. No gym for this week, but he is already sure he will be fine for Monday! Ahh youth! LOL
Lesson learned? Listen to Mom? I doubt it. Fuzzy keeps saying, 'It had nothing to do with the darkness.' Everyone keeps telling him, 'Yeah, but sometimes Mom's just know.'
Well, he is man, after all. Hubby hasn't quite learned to listen to me yet, so what hope is there for Fuzzy? LOL I guess we will see the next time.
Today I met my cousin Karen for an awesome gabfest at Panera over tea for her and coffee for me! It was really nice to reconnect as it had been too long that life got in the way.
I am realizing more and more how easy that is to happen and how we really need to work against it. Time just flies by, and there is always something to be rushing to or from, but we have to stop ourselves to be with the ones we love. Too often they are gone too soon.
be well...


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad no broken bones :o)

And if you were to ask Beth, I think I listen to her 90-95% of the time :o)

Joann said...

POOR FUZZY!!! But I'm glad it wasn't worse!

I LOVE PANERA!!!! Once, a girlfriend and I were sitting on the lounge chairs there, having a cup of coffee after dinner. The place was about to close, so we'd gotten up to leave and the manager came out with a FRESHLY BAKED baguette for EACH of us!! (He was probably getting ready to tell us to leave!! LOL!!) It was SOOO GOOD, half of it was gone before I got home... LOL!!

Char said...

No injuries...that's a good thing.

Beth said...

Love the second LOLcats! Ha!

So glad it wasn't a break. A sling or a wrap for a week is much better than a cast for several!

And yes, Ken listens 90-95% of the time. That 5-10%, though...argh! LOL

Hugs, Beth

Marty said...

Hi Dawn,
Funny ... as I was reading your description of the accident, I was thinking to myself "Gee, this sounds like a bad accident but it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the darkness." Maybe I'm not such a good listener, either!

Teeisme57 said...

Glad your son is okay. How is the bike, lol?
I was up in Pa. this passed week and drove by the Wayne County Fair Grounds several times. Made me think of you.
I also take electronics from my kids only I call it "unplugged", Taking away texting is sheer misery for them!

Call me Paul said...

So, then, bike pedals don't come off in daylight? Is this a vampire bike accident, or something?

Dawn said...

HA HA HA Paul...

Traci said...

Lol cats are the best! I feel like I've been to too many ERs lately. I'm sorry you guys had to endure one but super glad the boy didn't break! Moms do know! We really do!

Lisa said...

Love the string cat picture...kind of reminded me of my & Doug. I'll let you figure out who is who. (Ooops, did I really write that! LOL)

Oh poor Fuzzy - I long for the days when I was injured and bounced back in a few days. It takes me weeks now. I'm glad he wasn't hurt any worse. He should learn to listen to Mama's intuition!