Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Missie was looking for some 'family' reality on blogs. I am here now happy to oblige with some snapshots of life at our peaceful abode.

Yesterday, I had to run Hammer and his gal pal to the mall for lunch and window shopping. After I dropped them off and as I tried to drink my coffee in peace, Fuzzy lamented how horrible his summer was and basically how it was all 'my fault'. And, Pumpkin was in a horrible mood because our insurance change (for the third and last time this year!) meant cancelling her eye doc appointment because the cards didn't arrive on time. Oh yes, also my fault.

Thank heavens that Hammer called for me to pick him up after barely an hour.

Now here is where it gets really fun.

I get a text. I am driving, but happen to be stopped at a light a mere two blocks from our street. First text is Pumpkin, basically telling me that Fuzzy is accusing her of hitting him which she did not do and they are fighting. As I am reading this text, the phone buzzes with a text from Fuzzy who says that Pumpkin hit him and that she won't leave apologize or admit it.

No, they are not ages 6 and 8. No, they are not 8 and 10. THEY ARE 12 and 14! ARE THEY KIDDING ME???? They were better behaved at the younger ages. Unfreakingbelievable.

This was the straw that put me over the edge. I did not answer the aforementioned texts. I drove to the mall, picked up Hammer and gal pal and began to drive back.

Buzz buzz. I have a text (that I read at the same red light just almost home now) from Pumpkin that says she is going to be the 'bigger person' and has left the family room and gone to the play room (spare bedroom) far from Fuzzy. Uh huh.

I arrive home 5 minutes later. I say nothing to either child about the texts.

They are eerily quiet. Why? Because they know that when mommy has been pushed over the edge SHE gets eerily quiet. They are in 'tip toe around Mom' mode.

Ding Ding. Pumpkin's lunch is ready to come out of the toaster oven! AND, who shows up and kindly offers to help so she doesn't burn herself? Yes, you got it in one, Fuzzy. They go to eat now back in the same room together.

I make my lunch. I eat my lunch.

Now, I make my move. I walk into the family room and announce to them that they are to 'pause' their tv show. They exchange knowing looks of 'uh oh... here it comes...'

And, it did. I will spare you all the gory details, but let's just say that I don't think I will get anymore texts like the ones I did yesterday anytime soon.

Attitudes properly fine tuned, we went back to our regularly scheduled programming of a nice day for all.

Pumpkin remembered how lucky she is that her dad has a job and health insurance and eyeglass coverage, albeit a little late with the cards. Fuzzy remembered how he was doing EXACTLY what he wanted to do all summer, playing WOW, just hanging out, and that he had multiple chances to go to the pool, mall, friends houses, and movies that he turned down, and that he should be grateful for all he does in fact have and did.

Yes, much better.

Kids... teens... ack. Better Missie?

be well...


Beth said...

All I can say is...way to show that you're the Alpha. BOO-yah!

garnett109 said...

You gave them the look huh? LOL!

Traci said...

Glad to see all is normal at your house! We are right there with you just rewind a few years! 5 and 8 have their own joys!

Lisa said...

You go get em' Tiger Mom!!! Whew, glad I wasn't in the room when the fine tuning was going on. LOL. Glad you got the adjustments made and all is well on the homefront...for now!

Missie said...

I get those texts too! LOL

Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one going thru the teenage years! LOL

Indigo said...

I'm so glad my daughter is married and no longer living at home. I had almost forgot about the insanity of teenagers. (Hugs)Indigo