Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I just love this lolcat. I hear his voice in my head like Ralph from the Honeymooners!
I don't know why, but lately when I post a picture I can't have any hard returns in my entries. I know it is probably something stupid that I am doing, so if you can tell me what... please feel free! LOL
1. Hubby. You know what Beth and Ken, he really does listen to me about 90-95% of the time. Like Beth said, it is just that 5-10% - whoa nelly! LOL ;-)
2. Sleep. I got 3 hours last night. It could have been worse. I finally fell asleep around 1:30 and woke up WIDE AWAKE at 4:30am. I read online on my iphone for a while, then I decided that if I was still awake when my mom went to work at 6ish, I was getting up. :::waving::: Yep, hi mom! LOL
3. Kids. They are not happy that I just woke them. Pumpkin grumbled her way down the steps and collapsed under a blanket in the family room to get some more Zzz's. Fuzzy grabbed his fruit bar and iced tea, added a blanket and put on the news. The morning routine has begun! (Hammer gets to sleep in until 9ish, and Hubby told me to go away until after I drove the kids to school. Ok then, guess no morning meeting for him!)
4. Donna. Thank you. You know why. It made me feel 'useful' for the first time in a long time! And, you are right, when you know someone it is easier... so maybe at some other point in the future.
5. My cousin Karen. As I mentioned yesterday, life gets away from you and sometimes you just have to grab it back and hang on again!
6. Coffee. I have a feeling it will be instrumental in my survival today. After all, I am awake but it isn't like I am bouncing around ready to do a tango! It is more like the 80+ year old shuffle around here right now.
Ahhh Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla. YUMMY!!! Cup 2 down the hatch! WOOHOOO!
7. Vicodin. Well, I wouldn't have even gotten 3 hours sleep without that!
8. Subway and Dawn and John. I have to tell you, having a friend that you grew up with (Dawn) open, own and work at a Subway in your town is awesome. The food is uber-fresh, the place is SPOTLESS clean. I am in love with the Veggie Delight! Maybe I can give Jared a run for his money, as I am up to 8lbs lost now! Yay!
9. The 'Lose-it' Application on my Iphone. First, I should thank Hubby for indulging me with the iphone last year as my anniversary/birthday gift. The 'Lose-it' app is amazing. I track my weight and my calories and more on it. Chronicling each item I put in my mouth is really a great weight loss tool!
10. Yankees. They are so hot and this season has just been AWESOME! And, Traci, doesn't matter one iota that they lost the game on 9/11 that Jeter hit the 2722 hits within. You have no idea unless you live in this area the 'lift' that it gave to everyone to have something really fun and positive for that date now to reflect on. ;-)
Okay... time to torture the kiddies to brush teeth, get dressed, recheck school stuff etc.
Have a great Thankful Thursday everyone!
be well...


Call me Paul said...

Not sure exactly what you mean with your complaint about posting pictures, but when I use pictures in a journal entry, I write the entry first, and leave adding the pictures until the end. Maybe that will solve your problem.

Of course, the other thing I do is work in the 'edit html' pane of the add entry screen, so my experience may be different from yours.

Missie said...

You just reminded me to do a thankful Thursday entry today!

I'm excited.....I get to upgrade my Blackberry on the 20th for the iphone.

Have a good night.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad you get to the 90-95% level, all is not bad (I'm just saying :o)

Beth said...

LOL at Ken's comment. Yep, that's pretty darn good. :)

8 pounds? That's fantastic! Keep at it!

I hope you can get some better sleep tonight. I seem to go into hibernation mode when cooler weather comes, and sleep longer and more soundly. I hope that will be the case for you, too! Hugs, Beth

Traci said...

I can't keep track of the days this week! It's Friday? Already?! Hope you can sleep soon. I've been through some insomnia lately and it is for the birds.

Marty said...

Hi Dawn,
I've occasionally noticed the same thing with hard returns and photos, but usually it only happens when I try to move a photo within the post (from the top of the post to the bottom) after I've uploaded it ... if that makes any sense. At least for me, I've found that the way around this is to draft the entry before moving the photo around and, after drafting the text, add a bunch of hard returns below the text, then move the photo.

Lisa said...

I hope to hear you've gotten a better nights sleep soon! I wouldn't function on 3 hrs after taking a vicoden, they knock me out.

You get 90-95% of his attention??!! Wow, I am lucky if I get the 5% if he is working on something!! LOL.

Coelha :B said...

Thanks for the reminder for being thankful! #2 is one I forgot to put on my list... It's so hard to get out of bed sometimes... Have a great weekend!! P.S. Love the pictures!

Linda George said...

Ha, ha!! Still drinking the coffee then I see. I've gone from decaff to the real stuff lately.

I sometimes don't get much sleep, although just occasionally that's my fault for going to bed so late. Just hate it when I wake up, wide awake in the midle of the night Why can I never do that in the morning?

Linda x.

Cathy said...

LMAO@lolcat love it!! Coffee! Yes, think I'll make some - only had a few hrs sleep m'self. Congrats on that 8 lbs! I dreamed once I was so uber-thin I could slip under doors. Woke up and ate a carrot-cake.